Mind Games: IdrA vs HuK at MLG Dallas 2011

2011 MLG Pro Circuit Dallas – WoL- Game 2

Team Liquid versus Evil Geniuses, Micro versus Macro,
Top 3 Control versus Idra Rage.

Greg “Idra” Fields and Chris “HuK” Lorange were among the best non-Korean StarCraft 2 players in Wings of Liberty, representing two of highest-profile teams in all of eSports.

The rivalry between the two, players and teams, was to become one of the greatest in StarCraft2 history.

This game is a microcosm of what made the Idra vs HuK rivalry so great.

By the time they met at MLG Dallas in 2011, both players had an MLG Championship under their belts, both had been competing at the GSL in Korea, and neither player hid their competitive dislike for the other.

At this point, Idra was the clear winner in their colourful rivalry, having beaten HuK at MLG D.C. 2010, and the Masters’ Cup Series 3 in direct competition.

As consistent ladder rivals with no verbal filters, their rivalry grew outside of official competitions, fueled by Idra streaming his ladder matches for public consumption.

Heading into MLG Dallas, Idra was definitely considered the favourite to win. He had more experience, hadn’t lost to HuK in competition, and had better overall results.

Idra’s biggest weakness was himself, being prone to throwing games after going on tilt.

IdraRage could be considered HuK’s biggest advantage, one he would need to exploit to win.

After a Game 1 that saw Idra defeat Huk handily thanks in part to burrowed roaches and Neural Parasite (oh Wings of Liberty…), Evil Geniuses’ Zerg player looked to have everything under control in this match-up of MLG Champions.

Game 2 wouldn’t be so easy.

Early aggressive tactics, epic forcefields, baneling drops, fantastic reads by the players and high-pressure mis-clicks let this game go the distance.

Maxed late game armies are traded out again and again.

With neither player being able to fully take advantage of their positions, desperate times call for desperate measures and this game ends in spectacular fashion with one of the greatest mind games in Starcraft2 history.

Massive, Hilarious Spoiler (Click after watching)

Enjoy the entire Best-of-Seven series between these two here:

Game 1Game 2Game 3, Game 4, Game 5, Game 6, Game 7


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