Making Legends: MC vs MKP – GSL Season 3 2010

MC vs MKP – GSL Season 3 2010:

In all the years since StarCraft 2 was released few things have stayed the same:

Maps change, the meta shifts, the very fundamentals of the game have been altered.

But one thing hasn’t changed: MC is still a Boss.

At the time this match, from GSL 2010 Season 3 Round-of-Eight, saw an unproven MC take on a heavily favoured MarineKing in what would prove to be the Protoss player’s breakout tournament.

Both players would go on to have stellar careers, this match foreshadowing years of epic play at the highest level of competition from each of them.

The Players:

Lee “MarineKing” Jung Hoon , or MKP (MarineKingPrime), was the self-appointed heir to Brood War legend BoxeR.

MKP took BoxeR’s username on the Korean ladder, and began emulating his hero by dominating the ladder and Season 2 of GSL 2010.

Foiled in the Season 2 finals in a hair-splitting seven game series by Zerg juggernaut NesTea, MarineKing established himself as one of the best talents in StarCraft 2 and an easy favourite to make it back to the finals in Season 3.

Jang “MC” Min Chul had played in each season of the GSL up to this point, with modest results.

This was the first time MC had made it past the Round-of-32, these quarter finals against MarineKing his best professional results in StarCraft 2 so far.

Like his opponent, MC was knocked out of the previous GSL season by champion NesTea, although much earlier in the tournament.

Despite his modest success in Brood War, at this point MC was certainly the underdog heading into this series.

We now know that the Boss-Toss would go on to be one of the most successful StarCraft 2 progamers, and this game was a preview of the greatness to come.

The Game:

Game four of a best-of-five quarterfinal at GSL Season 3 2010 starts off with MC in the driver’s seat, leading the series 2-1 over MarineKing against all odds.

The game begins with a classic matchup: fast expanding Terran against a Protoss 4Gate. Harassment ensues.

Despite getting the jump on MarineKing’s expansion, the importance of unit control while attacking up a Terran’s ramp is made obviously clear after some excellent sentry sniping forces MC to pull back.

And from this point on the pedal is to the metal for the rest of the game.

MarineKing manages to get Stim finished in time to balance his defenders advantage against MC’s constant aggression as they carve a path of destruction between the Protoss proxy pylon and the Terran bunker line.

Dark Templars make an appearance in a bid to end the game, followed up by a mineral-line proxy factory play in MC’s base.

Yes you read that right.

Ninja bases are established and shut down before the players finally reach their endgame compositions: Bio Ghost Medivac versus Charglot Blink Storm.

On a map full of choke-points, the player who utilized their micro skills the best stood to take a major advantage.

So what would be more effective, MC’s Storms or MarineKing’s EMPs?

Split second decision making and unit control would essentially determine who would take the game as each player attempts to secure their own third base while denying the other.

Mineral line harassment continues by both players all the way until the bitter end.

Relive some history and enjoy the rest of this series here:

Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5.


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