When Cheese Failed – Farewell LAG.tv

MaximusBlack and NovaWar struck gold with LAG.tv and their When Cheese Fails YouTube videos back in 2011. Six years later, long after most of their contemporaries have moved on, LAG.tv has decided to step away from StarCraft2. A hard decision a long time coming, here’s wishing all the best for Canada’s finest Fromage curators.

The explosion of excitement and hope that was BlizzCon 2016 feels like it was only yesterday, but the first time I broke down laughing to LAG.tv feels like a lifetime ago.

The WCS World Championship showcased the brave new world of the StarCraft2 eSports scene, with skills on display that are utterly unattainable by most of us mere mortals.

LAG.tv, on the other hand, has consistently showcased mere mortal skill. Or lack there of.

In fact, full disclosure, yours truly even made it onto an episode of Will Cheese Fail, fulfilling a lifelong StarCraft dream.

I found MaximusBlack and NovaWar’s When Cheese Fails videos before I really knew about Twitch.tv streams. Despite being hilarious and irreverent, as a new player I learned a ton about how to, or how not to, play the game.

Literally days before their announcement, I was talking with some friends about LAG.tv and how surprising it was they still did StarCraft2 content. When they dropped the bomb, I don’t think anyone was particularly surprised.

Maybe a little disappointed, but only in that selfish nostalgic sense.

LAG.tv has brought us an amazing amount of content over the years, and in tribute to their tireless contributions, let’s honor some of the best moments from six years of When Cheese Fails!


When Cheese Fails 101
Remember the first time you tried to cannon rush? Did it look something like this? If it did, you probably don’t play Protoss anymore. We’ve all scouted the wrong location, or forgotten the forge, but you probably haven’t failed quite as spectacularly as this Wings of Liberty Protoss…


Greatest Will Cheese Fail Ever! Probe/SCV War
The dumbest play in the game turns into a match so close that the ending literally breaks MaximusBlack and NovaWar. Must-see viewing for all StarCraft players past, present, and future. Perhaps the greatest fail of all time?


Will Cheese Fail? The Levar Burtoncruiser
To think that if LAG.tv didn’t exist, we’d never have known about the incredible life and times of Levar Burtoncruiser. Some have called it inspirational, others think he spawned a terrible plague on the ladder. Hero or villain, undoubtable one of the greatest units to ever live.


Cheese Things Happen Season 11 Episode 8 – Game of Throws
We’ve all done it; snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s easy to sit back after a well executed cheese and bask in your opponent’s salt, but sometimes you sit back a bit to far and things come crashing down. It’s brutal, it hurts, but unless this is your replay, you’ve probably never thrown as hard as the guys in this game.


Will Cheese Fail? Cold Cast Marathon Game 1
Well they certainly picked the right game to showcase the new Will Cheese Fail format. You know those crazy games where you catch you opponent off guard by building a base in their base? Here’s an example of what happens when both players build a base in their base. It’s crazy, it’s sloppy, it’s almost impossible to call…  When both players proxy, you’re guaranteed a classic When Cheese Fails!


Will Cheese Fail Cold Cast Marathon 2 Game 9 – Macro Nexus…Cheese?
There’s no way to really explain this one, it really needs to be seen to be believed. Protoss is known as a cheesy race, especially according to non-protoss players, but this game is ridiculous. Even after five years, players will always find a way to…“innovate”.

There are just my personal picks, there is so much hilarity and so many games that this list could have easily been a top 20 When Cheese Fails moments. But hey, all the videos are still on YouTube, so go find your own favourites and enjoy!

More Cheese:

The godfathers of YouTube cheese videos may be gone, but fortunately for us diehard StarCraft fans there is at least one creators looking to fill the void…

Falcon Paladin on YouTube – (Twitter)

Falcon Paladin has been uploading StarCraft2 content to YouTube on a regular schedule for…years!? Holy crap, time does fly. He has a new Cheese Cast, linked above, and with his track record of production you can expect regular updates. Subscribe and give this man even more of a reason to keep the cheese alive!

LAG.tv’s announcement can be found here, along with their plans for the future.

To NovaWar and MaximusBlack, all the best in the future and thank you for years of laughter!

GL, HF, GGs!

Featured Image by DrunkenHu, featured on LAG.tv and found on DeviantArt.
Images used in this article are reproduced without the express permission of their copyright holders under Fair Use as defined by USA federal copyright law (17 U.S.C. 107) as nonprofit review/commentary with full credit given to original creators and copyright owners. If you feel your work is being infringed please contact the author.

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