#SC20 – The 5 Best Moments from Twenty Years of StarCraft

Twenty years of StarCraft… How do you pick one single moment?

I mean sure, if I had won a GSL or an IEM or even made it to Grandmaster it would be easy…

But, in lieu of any real achievements, I guess I’ll have to look back for some personal ones over the last two decades…

With 2/3rds of my life lived with StarCraft as a part of it, it’s a pretty daunting task trying to pick the single best moment that spawned from two decades in the Koprulu Sector.

So instead I picked 5 great moments that should resonate with anyone who has shed blood in the name of the Terran, Protoss, or Zerg.

  1. Discovering eSports

There was a time when if you followed eSports (or e-sports as I used to call it), you followed Brood War or StarCraft 2.

It’s how I discovered that people were actually living my childhood dream of being paid to play video games. SO cool.

Sure, nowadays StarCraft 2 has been eclipsed by…well most things really… but hey! The Pro Scene is just as exciting and dynamic as ever!

Regardless of where it ranks on Twitch today, StarCraft2 is still one of the best games to watch and the Pros make the impossible plays look so damn easy.

So if you’re just getting into StarCraft yourself, pop over to Team Liquid and see what the best players in the world are doing with the greatest game ever made!

Or here’s a link to the 2018 GSL and the most recent (at time of writing) completed tournament, the World Electronic Sports Games.

Watch it if you haven’t, take those pro builds, punish the ladder. You know you want to!

  1. The Promotion

Depending on who you are the league will vary, but the feeling is the same: glorious achievement.

For yours truly, it was finally getting into Platinum after years in Gold. For some it’s Diamond, others it’s Masters…and for a select few (and every single person on Reddit) it’s hitting the pinnacle of Grand Master.

Today it’s a lot easier to actually understand how close you are with visible MMR, but once-upon-a-time it was a matter of prayer and hope:

You’ve been playing nothing but players in the league above you. You’ve got like 5 wins in a row, so you must be just one win away from promotion, right? … RIGHT!?

Nope, you won two more games and nothing. Now you’re feeling the pressure and starting to throw games… Losing Streak…

So close and yet so far… How do you get over that hump? Coin-flip cheeses? Stick with standard?

It’s one of the most frustrating things in the world, but then you pull off that one crazy win and…



Sure, you got so excited you didn’t hit prt-scr and now your moment of ecstasy can’t be shared on all the social medias…

But that doesn’t even matter because YOU FINALLY FUCKING GOT PROMOTED MOTHER FUCKERS!

  1. The come-from-behind team win

4v4, 3v3, 2v2, it doesn’t matter.

The game was over (probably from a rush), and your teammates left a long time ago.

But not you. Not this time...

And against all the odds and the slander from the other team, it’s finally paying off.

That flood of resources from your team of quitters was put to good use on Dark Templars or Reapers or whatever

The other team is screaming as the base-race looks to be going more and more in your favor.

No GG, no problem. You never gave up, never said die, and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Now THAT’s some StarCraft right there.

  1. The BM Compliment

Whoever would have thought that something said with so much hate could make you feel so good?

Whether it’s in the final moments before the game ends, or immediately afterwards sitting in the menu screens, you know you did something right:


And these aren’t baited BM, you know talking trash trying to get a reaction.

No, this is just the outburst of rage, bile, and salt that only comes from simply outplaying your opponent.

150 kilos analphabet.png

I know on the other end someone is truly hurting, but God it feels so good!

  1.  Holding the Cheese

Is there any better feeling?

property of Carbot Animations

Whether it’s forcing those cannons to cancel, killing that bunker-building SCV, or spotting the proxy hatchery early…

NOTHING feels better than holding off a sneaky, underhanded, stinking cheese.

For me, these are the greatest moments in the game because they’re born out of so much frustration.

Satisfaction is finally winning against that goddamn Pro-build that’s been costing you so many ladder points.

In what I’m sure is the apex of my StarCraft 2 career, I was fortunate enough to have one of those moments broadcast on LAG.tv

For more of the best fromage the StarCraft 2 community has to offer, check this out.


And that’s it for now!

I mean sure I could have gone into detail about the very first 1v1 I played in Brood War when my Mom picked up the phone and disconnected our dial-up internet halfway through the game…

Or about the 12-hour 4v4 marathons me and my friends used to pull in Wings of Liberty…

But those are special to me, and if two decades of StarCraft has taught me anything it’s that it’s not any single game or moment that’s allowed StarCraft to thrive for so long…

It’s ALL the moments we share. The victories, the defeats, the salt, the achievement.

Here’s to 20 more years!

GL and HF.

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