SC2Review is about the love of StarCraft and the community that makes it so amazing.

With a narrative focus on StarCraft 2 eSports, this site was launched as a non-profit passion project with the aim of creating a place that archives and enshrines the greatness that is professional StarCraft.

It started out as a personal blog in 2015, as an outlet to report on stories and events not relevant or directly related to the volunteer work I was doing at the time with ESL as a News Editor.

I decided to reinvigorate this project as SC2Review.org, a destination for narrative-driven StarCraft 2 content, directed at the new or more casual fans of the game.

I’m not a professional player, nor even a particularly good player, but I do have a few years of experience following the complex and intricate StarCraft scene, and I hope that I use that to spread the news within the community.

The passion is real, all else will follow.

Here’s hoping you enjoy what you find here and that it in some ways adds to your experience of one of the greatest video games ever made.




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